Dressed House
Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1993

An abandoned house stood out in a row of the freshly restored medieval riverbank. It was important to dress it, and I used the clothes donated by many citizens of Ljubljana.


Casa Vestita
Venezia, Italy, 1999

Casa Vestita, or Casa dei Varoteri (that's the name when it is not dressed) is the only free standing house on a public space in Venice. So if the Dressed House in Ljubljana is more like a painting; Casa Vestita is more like a sculpture in the square, dressed with clothes donated by the citizens of Venice.

Car Park, Members Only
Adelaide, Australia, 2000
14,910 matchbox sized toy cars installed on a 22m long and 22m high brick wall. Adelaide is a capital of garages and car parks. I found a stenciled graffiti saying ‘Small Car: Members Only’ and decided to make a car park for really small cars.


Moon Plain
Moon Plain, Australia, 2002
1,800 plaster casts of watering cans covering a football field sized area in the driest place on earth. Depending on the point of view, the final arrangement looked like a flock of cockatoos or like an aboriginal dot painting. It was placed on holy land and I worked humbly for three months with members of a local tribe.


Christchurch, New Zealand, 2002
Transformation of one of the Arts Centre’s grass quadrangles into a vivid pond filled with origami boats. Schoolchildren helped me make
the plastic thin boats, painted in vibrant colours, offsetting the historic beauty of the surrounding Gothic Revival architecture


Beach Balls
Perth, Australia, 2003
In ‘Catcher in the Rye’ I once read of thousands of kids playing a game in the field of rye at the edge of the cliff. To me it made sense to expect that there were thousands of balls involved. When I was confronted with this empty construction site I decided to fill it with balls of all colours.


When on a winter’s night a traveler (UMBRELLAS)
Melbourne, Australia, 2005
1,000 old fashioned 16 spine black umbrellas floating between the ground floor and first floor of a shopping mall. Melbourne has impossible weather and people carry umbrellas all the time. With their domes the black umbrellas complemented the white architecture of the refurbished post office. A fog machine added clouds to the picture.


56 Boats
Liverpool, UK, 2006
56 upturned boats, molded from a 114-year-old original, were installed in St. Luke’s Church, a neo Gothic church also known as The Bombed Out Church. The shape of the boats relates to the arches of the windows in the church. If you look close enough you will also find a resemblance between the rear of the boats and the tower ornament.


Krasnoyarsk, Russia, 2007
At the Biennial of Sybiria I was told I have no budget and was asked to make a work that the Biennial will later sell as material. I found the shovel in the city’s coat of arms and apparently the 8,5 tons of coal were also easy to sell after the exhibition was over.


Ple čnik
Ljubljana, 2008
The sign says: “in this place stood the birth house of our famous architect Jo že Ple čnik” so I marked the random cracks in concrete as if they were actual remains of the floor plan. Special feature is the X mark where the act of birth occurred. Nobody got it.


Run for Love (SLINKIES )
Aurillac, Marseille, France, 2009
7000 slinkies on a slope. For a theatre play based on Potemkin I used the army of marching slinkies to reproduce the famous Odessa staircase scene.


Telovadnica (Gymnasium)
Ptuj, 201 0
In the Slovenian language, the word ‘telovadnica’ is composed of two words: ‘telo’ means body and ‘vadnica’ means exercise book. In this gymnasium I said let’s exercise the minds too.


Barabanovo, Russia, 2011
In this ancient Sybirian wooden church I cracked 40,000 eggs to make a wall.



Bread and Parquet
Suetschach, Austria, 2012
Two installations in a 200 year old house. Bread is placed in the black kitchen and Parquet in an arched room across the hall. As this room did not have any kind of flooring, I decided to 28 make one out of crackers.



Maribor, Slovenia, 2012
12m high tower of 204 glasses, 18cm each. Impilabile is a term used in the glass industry for glasses that are stacked on top of one another. The column of glasses was delicately balancing in 16th century Judgement Tower.


Pool (Model Hockney)
Maribor, Slovenia, 2012
18 x 22m roof top, transformed into a swimming pool.